Frequently Asked Questions

Why come to APEC Projects when I can go directly to a Builder or Architect?

Architects and Builders are specialists in their respective fields with very specific skill sets that add value at certain points in the project. APEC Projects understand your project and its requirements on a deeper level and help you make informed decisions on which architect and builders to engage at the right point in your project.

I want to sub-divide or understand my options for a specific piece of land. Do I need to meet with a town planner before discussing with APEC Projects?

APEC Projects will direct you to the right planner who is experienced in your specific project area. Working with the right planner upfront will limit your risk and give your project the best chance of success.

Am I obligated to APEC Projects' other services after my initial consultation?

Our initial consultation is 100% obligation free. Once we have all the necessary information, we will recommend which of our services best suit your project – for you to then choose at your own discretion.

Can APEC Projects help if I am only looking to renovate or remodel my home?

Yes! We have experience in residential home renovations of varying sizes and budgets. Applying for Building approvals and identifying the required design and Building Contractors for renovations can be confusing. We will guide you through the process by laying out each of the steps and requirements at each stage to achieve your desired outcome.

At what stage in my project can I engage APEC Projects?

The sooner the better so we can assist with developing your idea and conduct feasibility studies to determine what is practical to help your decision-making. If you have already started your project, it is not too late to engage our services to provide additional support and advice.

Why spend extra money on an additional service?

The benefit of engaging an experienced APEC Projects Project Manager is that we will identify any project risks including potential for variations due to poor designs, or contracts that do not protect your interests, and we can set you up with the best Contractors in the industry saving you time, money and stress.

I’m part way through my project and not sure if the Builder I’ve employed is delivering in accordance with the contract, can you help?

APEC Projects has guided countless clients through mediation and dispute resolution with consultants and contractors.

Engaging in legal battles takes time, money, and can often add unnecessary stress to completing a project – which doesn’t always result in the best outcome.

APEC projects was created with the intention of working with and for our clients to protect them and achieve the best outcomes on their projects.

In Australia, we are protected by very stringent rules and laws – so don’t these rules and laws protect me?

Australia has one of the highest legal action rates in the world for construction as a result of having some of the most stringent regulations. Let us help you engage the right services to ensure you are well informed and protected.

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We can answer all your questions to help you understand the benefits of what we can do for you, and help you see if we’re the right choice for your project.

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